Dale Cornish

06.02.17 album/New New World Radio show/remixes

06.02.17 = new live album by Dale Cornish & Phil Julian
Released by the Cafe Oto label Otoroku as a digital download, from our set supporting Genesis P-Orridge & Aaron Dilloway. includes snapshots of new duo material in the works.

release info/That Apron Worn At Gig-cover art:

the delightful The Wire magazine have a preview of three of the tracks:

...with thanks to Abby Thomas for her enthusaiasm and support releasing this album

I am doing a regular 2 hour radio show for New New World Radio at nnwradio.com, with two shows aired so far. if you cannot listen live these are available on the NNWR Mixcloud after broadcast:
*March 4th - https://www.mixcloud.com/nnwradio/dale-cornish-4th-march-2017/
*March 25th - https://www.mixcloud.com/nnwradio/dale-cornish-25th-march-2017/

3 x remixes of three very different artists have been completed and are in the pipeline for release later in the year

next gig = Milton Keynes 13.04.17
MK Gallery with Group A and Circuit Breaker