Dale Cornish

2014, etc

so I released two albums this year:
*Xeric (Entr'acte)
*Two Warhol's Worth, collab with Phil Julian (The Tapeworm)

...did two remixes:
*hamaYôko - Panthère d’Erebos (Entr'acte)
*Midwich - Management (Bandcamp fundraiser for Red Cross)

...collaborated with A.M Hanson on three videos for tracks from Xeric:
*Xeric Pattern 5
*Xeric Pattern 3
*Xeric Pattern 4

...did a radio session for The Wire's Rewired show on NTS, hosted by the charming Katie Gibbons and Shane Woolman:
Soundcloud link here

...and had great fun playing gigs in the UK, Spain and Germany

thanks to everyone who released my records/bought my records/let me remix their records/made films for me/asked me to play shows/came to my shows

here's to 2015!