Dale Cornish

videos for "Xeric Pattern 3" and "Xeric Pattern 4" by A.M. Hanson

two further videos by A.M. Hanson have been made for tracks from 'Xeric':

"Xeric Pattern 3"
featuring footage shot at the 'Xeric' album launch at Cafe Oto, London on May 26th)

"Xeric Pattern 4"
featuring footage shot on location in London and Hastings - with thanks to Jeffrey Disastronaut for use of his studio

///upcoming live dates:
August 13th - The Lottery, Ace Hotel Miranda Bar, London (with Brood Ma and Proton)

September 16th - Cafe Oto, London. First performance of a duo with Phil Julian. DC - vox. PJ - electronics. Celebrating five years of The Tapeworm (with CM von Hausswolff, Osman Arabi, Autodigest, Andrew Poppy, Zerocrop - and possibly others...)

September 21st - Listening Club, The Peckahm Pelican (with Kostis Kilymis, Dominic De Vere, Memorial Bench) - free entry, from 4pm