Dale Cornish

gigs/TTW100/remixes for Merzbow and Closed Circuits/mix for GMA/more radio

a number of gigs coming up in the last few months of 2017:

>>two for that Dale Cornish & Phil Julian duo...
*September 29th - London
The Tapeworm 'A Can Of Worms' - 100 releases party - Iklectik
*October 20th - LUFF Lausanne

>>...and one for that Dale Cornish guy
*November 3rd - Manchester
Club CITS, with Hannah Sawtell, Afrodeutsche, UKAEA, Hesska

brand new track "One Hundred" will be on the Tapeworm 'A Can of Worms' cassette, the 100th release on The Tapeworm, 30+ artists on this one to celebrate!


two remixes coming out soon!

one for the fabulous Merzbow, out on October 22nd:

the second, for the splendid Closed Circuits, out as a pay-what-you-want affair over on the camp of bands:

done a mix for Grey Matter Archives, an 18 minute collection of Television Music from around the world:

more editions of my shows for New New World Radio have been uploaded by the station, all available c/o my Mixcloud link ---> https://www.mixcloud.com/dalecornish/

thank you for your attention/s