Dale Cornish

Rhododendron and Vanity Publishing/remix for Perc

my new albumette Rhododendron is now available

half successor to Fleshpile Thematic/half not

it is released on Vanity Publishing, a sublabel of The Wormhole, The Tapeworm's sublabel. Vanity Publishing is co-run by Philip Marshall and myself.

the first two tapes are...

CARLY#1 Dale Cornish - Rhododendron (cassette)
CARLY#2 Philip Marshall - Entrain (cassette)


further releases are possible...

supremely honoured to have been asked to remix a track from Perc's splendid Bitter Music album, out today! you can buy/stream the full length of all 7 remixes (split across 2 EPs) at the renowned "camp of bands" website, as below!